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A little bit about us!!!

Formed in 2010, Dogs And Demons, (Now known as WildCard), are a four piece powerhouse of Rock, comprising a melodic guitar tour de force backed by a foundation shaking rhythm section...Add to that soaring vocals, often with 3 part harmonies and you can see why we never fail to make an impression wherever we play!!!

We don't profess to be Bristol's 'coolest' band, we don't tell you we're the best, we certainly don't say anything about ourselves which isn't true!! But most importantly, we like you to watch and listen and make up your own minds!!!

We cover a wide range of Rock music from its very roots of Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac, The Kinks, Metallica, Queen and Iron Maiden through to the more modern Joe Bonamassa, Green Day, The Cult, Muse, Royal Blood and everything in between!!!

Depending on the venue, we also cover a wide range of Indie with the likes of The Ataris, Foo Fighters, The Killers, The Arctic Monkeys and pop to gets a look in with A-Ha, Robbie Williams and the Doobie Brothers all getting the treatment!!!

In addition to our own material, some of which is featured in the 'Media' tab, we also cover a selection of songs acoustically, just to add some texture to our already comprehensive set lists.....

We have forged a reputation for our musical attention to detail, and travel with a 3k PA rig and full light show.....our song lists are always updated and songs rotated to ensure nothing gets stale and we are able to react to the ever changing demands of an audience.

We hope you enjoy the selection of demos we have on offer, and we look forward to seeing you at one of our gigs real soon!!!

Meet The Guys In... The Band!!! Here's our biog's!!!!

Matt – Drums

Born in Brighton in the late 70s, Matt demonstrated something of an anger management problem whilst growing up. The cure? … a black 5 piece Olympic drum kit.  As luck would have it Matt’s school had the same kit and so before long Matt had acquired said Olympic drum kit, leaving the school with a bass and snare drum, which he imagined was sufficient for their needs.

Matt’s illustrious drumming career kicked off in the mid 90s with school band ‘Savannah Brew’, their first gig being at the New Westhall in Bath and last being at the Bristol Bridge in Bristol – both venues having been crammed full of under 18s with only a handful of fake IDs but all demanding Newcastle Brown Ale from an unconvinced but willing landlord.

In the late 90s Matt hoped to find fame with alternative rock band ‘Aquarius’, however this band suffered at the hands of an egocentric front man who soon became renowned for angry outbursts and an ability to empty venues.

Early into the millennium Matt joined ‘Juice’, a rock and roll covers band that had loads of fun, but sadly lacked that vital ingredient…talent. Inevitably this venture came to an amicable end. ‘Hermes Hermits’ came next, a group of waifs and strays that merged to raise money for those less fortunate then themselves. A ‘Commitments’ theme ensued and much fun was had before Matt entered temporary retirement in 2005.

Matt finally returned from the dead to join Dogs and Demons as the newest member in July 2010. Their first public gig came only 4 weeks later at the Kings Arms in Bath. More than five years further on Matt continues to wow the guys with his blistering talent and humble modesty!

Matt uses:
DW Collectors Series Drums
Zildjian A Custom & Oriental Cymbals
REMO Heads
Ahead Drum Sticks
DW/Gibraltar/Mapex Hardware
Mapex Cases

Al – Bass And Vocals

Al started his musical career in a metal band at school. After a couple of crap gigs, the band quickly disbanded. At Uni, Al formed the mighty Grand (later Jester) which went on to win several band competitions as well as supporting great acts like Right Said Fred, Ultra Nate and Chris Helme. Al’s mightiest moment came when Right Said Fred lent Jester a fork to open a wine bottle.

Jester eventually went their separate ways, and after a few years’ break, Al joined a newly formed Sheffield band, Don’t Shoot The Messenger. A couple of swift band member changes later and DSTM were well on the way to becoming a regular fixture at various pubs and working men’s clubs in the area. Al left Sheffield to pursue work commitments and DSTM carried on for several years, with Al being replaced by not one, but two new members. DSTM carried on until the remaining members got too old for that crap.

Al joined Dogs and Demons after wowing the other band members with an excellent rendition of Sweet Child of Mine. Which proves nothing if not that they are easy to please! Al continues to strive to be the loudest member of the band by turning up his amp when no-one is looking.

Al uses:
Various bass guitars in a “revolving door” policy… 😉
Carvin B1000 amp
Barefaced Compact 1×15″
Barefaced Super 12T 2×12″
Line6 G50, Diamond Bass Comp,
Various pedals, Akai Deep Impact…
not a plectrum to be seen!

Malc – Lead Guitar And Vocals

Malc began his musical journey on the clarinet, but after realising he’d never sound better than a cat hissing down a tube, picked up his parents’ nylon-strung guitars in 1989 and never looked back. Electrifying a few years later and graduating onto his prized black- and-white Fender Strat, superstardom seemed almost within reach with his school rock band, NYTESHAYDE, whose moment in the sun was ‘Rocking the Redgrave Theatre’ in Farnham for a Battle of the Bands in 1993.

But perhaps man was not meant to wield so many Y’s. His follow-up musical project, DELAYED REACTION, straddled the twin arenas of pop and rock, whilst his university band, KICKBACK, damaged student ears at the Boiler House Battle of the Bands and the open-air Wessex Lane all-day event (extreme metal at 11 in the morning? Nice.). After answering an ad in the paper, he joined the RiffToads in 2004 as lead guitarist, and has since gained an appreciation for all things Beatle.

Malc uses:
Fender Stratocaster (USA Plus), with Seymor Duncan George Lynch Lil’ Screamin’ Demon (!) bridge pickup
Epiphone Les Paul Standard (blue sunburst – gorgeous!)
Blackstar combo, which Malc hasn’t shown any love to. It is currently unserviceable as Malc unwittingly blew it up!!!
Metal slide
Occasional Crybaby Wah

Phill – Vocals And Tambourine..

On May 26th, 1978, Phill realised that singing in, and fronting a band was the way forward.
Along with 2000 other fans, Phill was enjoying Black Sabbath at the Colston Hall on the ‘Never Say Die’ tour. Having fought his way to the front, he was pulled up on to the stage by Ozzy Osbourne as ‘Children Of The Grave’ started. Never one to miss an opportunity, when Ozzy jokingly offered him the mic in the chorus, Phill grasped it and sung the rest of the song, much to the amusement of Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill.

His vocal journey started barely a mile away in the St George Brandon Hill choir. Singing in a succession of school bands and then on the mess circuits during his time in the Army which included supporting The Scorpions at Dortmund’s Westphalenhalle, Phill has drawn his vocal inspiration from all forms of modern music with Queen, Bowie and Bryan Ferry being some of the most important artists to have influenced him.

A founder member of the band, Phill loves the energy the band creates. “We love what we do, and show it. The crowd are never in any doubt about us having a good time…. and that is a great feeling.”

Phill uses:
Shure & AKG wireless mics
Shure In ear wireless monitoring system
Custom mic stands, dependent on mood and venue..
An egg shaker
A tambourine


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