After six years, we’ve decided to commission a different logo to run alongside our existing Dogs head and cross bones logo. This new logo reflects how diverse the band has become over our time together, with us playing a wider range of material in different genres than we would have ever imagined!!!! We wanted to reflect a more fun loving cool approach to run alongside the out and out Rrrrock approach we’d taken previously!!! We will use both logo’s depending on the type of venue and crowd we will be playing to, and hope you find the new one fun and funky!!!
Commissioned and conceived for us by talented artist Beth Breeden (@beeinthebig), we hope the fun, relaxed and careless feel come across to you all!!!!





So the end of the 2016 has arrived and we have bid a fond farewell to one of our guitarists, Mark.

Mark has decided to hang up his guitar for the last time and sail off into the sunset to do what retired guitarists do!!! A founding member of the band, Mark gave us lots of laughs and memorable moments over his six years of service and we will miss him. Mark worked tirelessly to get us up and running in the very beginning and guided us on to help us achieve the reputation we enjoy today. All the guys wish Mark well, and hope he’ll find his way out of the greenhouse to make the odd guest appearance and recording session with us!!!



The Wrecking Ball is a music event hosted by rock band Dogs & Demons, created to raise money & awareness for Testicular Cancer Charity ‘It’s In The Bag’
This year, 2016, we’re taking a well earned hiatus!!! but, After the success of our 3 Wrecking Balls, Dogs and Demons are now calendar boys! Yes That’s right, Our chosen charity, ‘It’s In The Bag’ asked us to be involved in their annual calendar and we, of course said yes!
So to keep bang up to date and do your bit for charity, get yourselves to the ‘It’s In The Bag’ website or down to the Galleries/Cabot Circus and buy yourself an ‘It’s In The Bag’ calendar.
Alternatively, you can purchase online at http://its-in-the-bag.myshopify.com
We grace the month of September but there’s plenty more pant action to be had throughout the year and all for a great cause!!

We plan to revisit the Wrecking Ball again in the future… whether it’s more band nights or something different, keep an eye out and we’ll keep you posted as and when things get under way!!!

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  1. Tom G

    Sad to see Mark go, was always up for fun!!
    As a guitarist myself, I know how much fun he brought to the band!!!
    Saw you a few times at the Back Bar WsM…
    All the best!!!

    1. admin

      Thanks Tom, We’re sure Mark will appreciate your comments!!!!

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